The guest of today’s FMLLE Spotlight is the very talented hip-hop rapper Dilin Nair, better known as Raftaar. To be honest he doesn’t even need an introduction. Raftaar is the total package! He has been an entertainer from a young age. His journey started with dance, which is still a big part of his life. But it didn’t stop there, writing and producing music has become his foundation to become the international music mogul he is now!

Dilin is a very humble and inspirational man. There is no star allure what so ever, Raftaar is just the musical product Dilin created. Besides sharing his creative process, we also got to meet some promising artists he’s working with under Kalamkaar. Enjoy this amazing episode and show Raftaar some love! 

Interviewed by: Chéréneffe Fleur

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