In this show, I have lovely conversations with Desis from all over
the world. We dive into Desi pop culture, personal stories, taboos,
social stigmas and much more.

Meet the host

The Bad Beti Podcast, formerly known as The FMLLE podcast, is created by founder and host Chéréneffe Fleur. Besides being a podcast it’s also becoming a brand reaching South Asians worldwide. On this show, you’ll find a mix of Indian pop culture, Bollywood, and everything that’s popping in the Brown community across the world. 


Chéréneffe entertains her viewers through her online platform fusing South Asian culture, pop culture, and Bollywood. She created a space to feature inspiring South Asian women and men around the world. 


dutch desi podcast

In deze podcast ga ik in gesprek met Nederlandstalige Desi’s. We bespreken zowel alledaagse onderwerpen, maar ook worden stigma’s rondom de Desi community besproken.


bad beti

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