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The Indian Match Making experience with Pradhyuman Maloo | FMLLE Podcast |

We’ve all been binge-watching Indian Match Making. One of our favourites was Pradhyuman Maloo. The Indian bachelor from Mumbai. Although he had a date at the end, he chose to focus on his career and don’t force love. In this episode, we get to know this hunk better.

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“Growing up, I watched my mother navigate the male-dominated business of jewelry, trying to make her mark. I wanted to be more hands on–so together, we went from karigar’s workshops to clients’ homes in the span of a day. Those sleepless nights built my passion for creativity. I fostered this creative energy & explored new interests–from culinary arts to interior design to crafting jewelry. So last year, when I got a call from Netflix about a matchmaking show that highlighted Indian culture, I took a leap of faith & agreed; I thought it’d be a different experience. But 80 hrs of filming had been condensed into a 60-minute, predetermined edited storyline, which ignited thousands of comments on the internet. Shortly after the show was released a friend alerted me that I was trending on Twitter, with hundreds of people debating my sexuality. Unsolicited comments assumed I was gay or bisexual & urged me to come out of the closet. I felt anger & resentment, but I gained my composure & questioned their reasoning. I tried to understand the mind-set of a ‘hater’, only to realize that they’d based their assumptions on my interests in fashion, cooking & the societal pressure of taking time to choose a life-partner. All I could think of was, ‘Are men not supposed to be creative?’, ‘Are men not supposed to like fashion?’, ‘Can men not cook?’, ‘Do only women belong in the kitchen?’ I’m straight, but I’m being stereotyped due to a deep seeded mindset of Indian society. I even thought of the alternate scenario: What if the person in question really was gay? What if they’d been forced out of the closet with no consent of their own? That thought frightened me. Were these haters ready to take the blame for the consequences of their words? As a society we have belittled the LGBTQ community by using them as a tool of mockery. Last month has made me introspect on how the world perceives men. People will judge you for not being ‘manly’ enough, but I want other men to know that it’s okay to be who you are & do what you love. Stereotypical masculinity is not the rent we need to pay to exist in this world. I just have one question, ‘Can men not be beautiful?'” @officialhumansofbombay

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What is beautiful? To me, Being honest to yourself is beautiful. Being genuine with others is beautiful. Being kind without expectation is beautiful. The ability to stand up and speak your mind is beautiful. Empathizing instead of judging is beautiful. Appreciating others for their own journey is beautiful. Taking out time for your family and eating together is beautiful. Cooking for your loved ones is beautiful. Following your ambition is beautiful Focusing on your growth is beautiful Not making excuses is beautiful. Self care is beautiful. A balanced life is beautiful. Building the courage to be vulnerable is beautiful. Having the bravery to talk about your struggles is beautiful. Giving more than getting is beautiful. Keeping the ego aside and asking for help is beautiful. Owning up and taking accountability of your screw ups is beautiful. Being masculine yet sensitive is beautiful Being feminine yet strong headed is beautiful. Having the courage to not fall prey to societal pressure is beautiful. Not accepting boxed up stereotypes and rejecting them is beautiful. CHOOSING TO BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF IS BEAUTIFUL Getting the BASICS RIGHT is BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful is not just a woman thing or a man thing, It’s a Human quality. Beautiful is a mindset, an attitude, Its neutral to both Male & Female. Just like Love, Happiness, Dreams, Desires, Freedom and Pain being universal. Beautiful belongs within you at the same time, it’s Universal. So, Can Men Be Beautiful? YES, and WHY NOT? It’s time we need to stop expecting men to be the way we think, how they are supposed to be. We can be all the above and yet be Man Enough! So, what is beautiful for you?

Een bericht gedeeld door Pradhyuman Maloo (@pradhyum.m) op

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