Diipa Khosla is a fashion and beauty influencer & cofounder of her foundation Post For Change.

Born and raised in a small hill town in the beautiful country of India, Diipa, at the age of 17, then moved to the Netherlands to study. She is an International Law graduate and has done an internship at the United Nations’ International Criminal Court. After which she did an internship at IMA Influencer Agency in Amsterdam where she was introduced to the world of social media.

An Indian girl with a very international upbringing, her exotic looks, ever positive outlook on life, and down to earth personality she managed to amass a following of 1.6 milion in just over 4 years.

One of Diipa’s main focuses in life is female empowerment. She has founded her foundation Post For Change, given speeches, visited war torn countries, and worked closely with the UN & other NGO’s to help women all over the world.

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