In this FMLLE Spotlight episode, Alisha speaks to founder Priyanka, about her brand Kulfi. Kulfi is an upcoming beauty brand that aims to revolutionize South Asian beauty standards. Kulfi’s vision is to reclaim and celebrate South Asian beauty standards with fun, approachable beauty essentials and create a platform that centers our self-expression.

Interestingly, Priyanka herself didn’t start properly wearing makeup until a much later age, where when working for powerhouses like Estee Lauder and IPSY she rediscovered that makeup is there to have fun and not take too seriously! It’s okay if your eyeshadow isn’t blended – you can always wash it off!

This is definitely an episode to watch and listen to if you want to know more about how Priyanka’s journey and she is so powerfully seeking to bridge the gap in the beauty industry with regards to underrepresented brown skin tones!

Interviewed by: Alisha Agarwal

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