In this FMLLE Spotlight episode, we talk to Sayesha Sachdev who is an experienced entrepreneur, environmental activist & creator.

Driven by the goal to positively impact people & our planet. She takes pride in being the creative director of Bangalore-based conscious design house CORE. CORE focuses on transforming natural, plant-based & recycled textiles into finely tailored contemporary clothing; using her creativity to encourage important dialogues around inclusive sustainability within the fashion & design space.

Our conversation with her covers everything from getting to know Sayesha, her brand CORE, and the roots of how it started as well as debunking one of fashion’s biggest myths: you need to be rich to shop sustainable fashion.

This is definitely a must-watch episode for everyone wanting to educate themselves further on sustainability and how to take the step in becoming a more conscious consumer! ♻️🌎👚

Interviewed by: Alisha Agarwal

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