Exploring your comfort zone with Mahir Pandhi | Indian Cinema |

Mahir Pandhi is an inspiration for others. In 2018 Mahir became the winner of the competition: Top Model India. In this live stream with Chéréneffe Fleur and Mahir Pandhi they talked about his weight loss journey, his career, and much more. Watch or listen to this episode on your favourite podcast platform.⁣⁣⁣⁣Listen to the entire episode on your favourite […]

Tips voor beginnende sporters met Ashita Sewnath | Dutch Desi |

Ashita Sewnath is 28 jaar, heeft een passie voor fitness en is een medisch assistent rijgeschiktheid bij het CBR. Dit houdt in dat zij bij de desbetreffende personen nagaat of hun gezondheid goed genoeg is om af te rijden. Ashita is ook een sportdiëtiste en is altijd al bezig geweest met gezond leven. Zij traint […]

Her journey to recovery with Shweta Mehta | FMLLE Spotlight |

You may know Shweta Mehta as the winner of Roadies Rising 2017. She has been fit for many years now, but six months ago she had a horrible accident. Her accident was so bad that the doctors told her she could get paralyzed, or worst she could have died. Even after her surgery, she was […]