Indian Cinema

The Indian Cinema is such a huge industry, with Bollywood being the largest. However, our conversations transcend beyond just Bollywood where this series captures insightful conversations with Indian Cinema stars and their latest projects. We also dive into much more personal topics to get to know them better and to learn from them. These stars are more than just their craft, and in this series we aim to show that. The Glitz and Glamour aside, we have real conversations!

The Girl On The Train with Parineeti Chopra | Indian Cinema |

On this episode of Indian Cinema, Chéréneffe Fleur speaks with actor Parineeti Chopra about her upcoming movie ‘The Girl On The Train‘. The movie is about a bright city, a dull morning, and a curious girl on the train. When a voyeuristic divorcee fixates on the lives of a perfect couple from afar, she soon

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Diving into the story of Taish with Jim Sarbh | Indian Cinema |

In this episode of Indian Cinema, Chéréneffe Fleur joins actor Jim Sarb in celebration of his latest project Taish. You may know him from his amazing performances in Padmaavat, Sanju, Made in Heaven, and many more. Listen in as they talk about the production of Taish and about his love for acting. Interviewed by: Chéréneffe

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