FMLLE Spotlight

Our FMLLE Spotlight series is filled with conversations with other talented Desi’s from all over the world! These conversations are really there to shine light and bring further awareness to the amazing things that people within the Brown community are doing! This ranges from fashion, beauty, entertainment as well as more serious topics such as mental health. We are really keen to discuss everything under the sun, and with the diaspora being so large, we will never be done talking, so come join us and share your insights!

Social media realness with influencer Tanvi | FMLLE Spotlight |

The meaning behind the term ‘influencer’ has changed within the social media landscape. A few years ago, influencers could get away with building a large following by promoting products and working with different brands. Today, however, influencers need to be real, authentic and build an emotional connection with their following to prosper. In this episode,

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