FMLLE Spotlight

Our FMLLE Spotlight series is filled with conversations with other talented Desi’s from all over the world! These conversations are really there to shine light and bring further awareness to the amazing things that people within the Brown community are doing! This ranges from fashion, beauty, entertainment as well as more serious topics such as mental health. We are really keen to discuss everything under the sun, and with the diaspora being so large, we will never be done talking, so come join us and share your insights!

Talking body positivity with activist Henna| FMLLE Spotlight |

In this FMLLE Spotlight episode, we dive deep into the realms of body positivity, the role of social media, and Henna’s own personal journey towards loving and accepting her body. Henna talks us through how she deals with “bad” days, the realities of being a brown woman, and advice that seeks to help those that

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Talking makeup and upcoming South Asian beauty brand “Kulfi” with founder Priyanka Ganjoo | FMLLE Spotlight |

In this FMLLE Spotlight episode, Alisha speaks to founder Priyanka, about her brand Kulfi. Kulfi is an upcoming beauty brand that aims to revolutionize South Asian beauty standards. Kulfi’s vision is to reclaim and celebrate South Asian beauty standards with fun, approachable beauty essentials and create a platform that centers our self-expression. Interestingly, Priyanka herself

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The rise of Indian hip-hop with Raftaar | FMLLE Spotlight |

The guest of today’s FMLLE Spotlight is the very talented hip-hop rapper Dilin Nair, better known as Raftaar. To be honest he doesn’t even need an introduction. Raftaar is the total package! He has been an entertainer from a young age. His journey started with dance, which is still a big part of his life. But

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